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Agilent Intuilink Data Capture install problems

Question asked by pfilippi on Nov 5, 2008
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2008 by dnt
Hi All,

we have several Agilent scopes here, the one I'm using is the MSO6052A.

I wanted to try the Intuilink Data capture tool with USB.

I have installed the IO Library 15.xx, everything is ok, I can see the scope connected via USB and send commands
But When I install the data capture tool v3.51, at the end of the installation process I have several warning/error messages.

like error 1904 ..... *.ocx or *.dll failed to register

see document attached.

However I have "install succesfull at the end"
I'm able to start the data capture tool but I'm unable to communicate with the scope. I'm choosing 6000 series; but the tool looks for GPIB connection. When I click Find instrument I have the following error
"run-time error '339':
Component 'AgtDiscovery.ocx' or onr of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

Any Idea ? Something related to specify Windows Services turned off ?
I have admin rights, windows XP Pro, version 2002 SP3

One other question I have is will I be able to really download screenshoot from the scope, like if using USB Stick ?

thanks for any help you can provide.