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save variable input to excel

Question asked by jasonkee111 on Jun 12, 2008
Hi.  My condition is like this:

I want to take some readings of certain functions from the scope by using VEE.  So, i create a list box in order to let me choose the reading i want.  However, when i try to save those reading into excel, it limits me to constant input. [size=18]My question is how to make the number of input of formula box is according to the reading i want.[/size]

e.g.  there are 4 functions.  So, there are 4 input in the formula box before connect it to excel blocks.  However, sometimes i just want 1, 2, or 3 funtion only.  there will be a error due to the 4 inputs of formula box because the reading of the rest function are nil.

I have attached a  photo in order to make it clear.