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Problems retrieving data from DSO6104A

Question asked by karin on Nov 9, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2007 by karin

I’m having problems reading out a waveform from the DSO6104A oscilloscope. I have made a single trig of a waveform. Then I read it out by the commands:
over GPIB.

The results I get are not corresponding to what is seen on the screen of the oscilloscope. It is also different for each time I read the waveform, even if no new waveform has been acquired by the oscilloscope. The result from the :WAV:SOUR CHAN1;PRE?; command are the same all the time. The data however always has some values that are wrong. These will give spikes up to certain levels. The spikes are located at different places along the waveform each time I read the data. There are no spikes in the waveform on the oscilloscope screen. I'll attach some screen shots of how it looks.

Have tried different values on :WAVeform:TYPE. I have used :WAVeform:FORMat BYTE. Maybe I should try one of the other formats? I have checked that the actual string from the GPIB is different from time to time, so that not my conversion from the string is the problem.

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