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comm. with scope (54832D) via LAN using MATLAB, problems!!!!

Question asked by picchu_flower on Aug 24, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2020 by BeaversT
Dear All, I’m having more than a little difficulty communicating with my oscilloscope (infiniium 54832D) via a LAN.  At this point I’m ready to switch to a new scope but thought as a last resort I’d ask you clever folk if you can help.

Ideally, I’d like to use the MATLAB instrument control toolbox to communicate with the scope but this hit a dead end.  I then moved on to working with visa, in MATLAB, again with no luck.  The failure on both occasions appeared to be a timeout error, the root cause of which I can’t figure out.  As a test I decided to work with the Agilent Connection Expert, which I was surprised to see also failed. 

I’ve installed suite 14.2, including VISA COM and the driver for my scope.  On opening the connection expert I can see my scope has been identified, and has achieved an IDN query.  If I then open up the interactive IO to try to collect data I see the following:

* Connected to: TCPIP0::

If I select the CLS command as a simple communication test, I get the following:

! VI_ERROR_TMO: A timeout occurred
Visa ErrorCode: 0xBFFF0015 (-1073807339)

Again, another timeout error.  I’ve tried increasing the timeout value, but had no success. 
What am I doing wrong?  Is it something to do with the scope settings?  I’d really appreciate any advice you can give on this matter! 

I also installed the data capture software, which works fine.  Unfortunately, the data from the scope will be part of a feedback system and so working with data capture is not an option.  I really want to be working in MATLAB, is this possible?

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