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How do I use GPIB in Visual C++ for E4438C Signal Generator

Question asked by jmcguidwin on Nov 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2007 by jmcguidwin
I am new to the GPIB communication and I would like to know how do i set up a new instance to communicate with the device to set parameters.

I need to set frequency, amplitude, pulse, noise etc... 

my E4438C id is 19.

both do not work and i am not sure why.
send(19,"*IDN?", 5, 1);
ibwrt(0, "*IDN?", 5);

below is one error i get durring linking and i also got a heap memery error during runtime:
error LNK2028: unresolved token (0A00001A) "extern "C" int __stdcall send(unsigned int,char const *,int,int)" (?send@@$$J216YGHIPBDHH@Z) referenced in function "public: bool __clrcall CJammer::runCommand(void)" (?runCommand@CJammer@@$$FQ$AAM_NXZ)

I do include the decl-32.h and gpib-32.obj in my project.

does anyone have some sample code for your E4438C in Visual C++ that I can reference.