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synchronization of DSO6000 with a PC

Question asked by lfini on Nov 16, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2007 by dnt
I plan to buy a DSO6000 oscilloscope and I have some questions about synchronization of the scope with a PC in an automated measurement system.
1 - how does the IGITIZE command work when acquire mode is average? For example, if the average is on 100 triggers, can I generate a SRQ over the GPIB at the end of the 100 trigger acquisition, to instruct the PC that the data are ready?
2 - If I want to make repetitive measurements of some parameters of input pulses, at which frequency can I do that? The sequence could be: acquisition of the first  pulse in 1 microsecond/div scale, measure of the peak value, transfer of the measured value to the PC, acquisition of the second pulse and so on ...
3 - the same question, if I transfer the whole trace (say 1000 points) instead of a single mearurement
4 - last question .. what is the meaning of the command :ACQUIRE:COMPLETE, if it can take the only value 100?

thank you in advance