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query on Area measurement

Question asked by 90804ucl on Sep 16, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2009 by ko2054
Dear supporter,
In my experiment, I measured the area of signals.
I observed the unit of the measure result is pVs.
Does this means volt* picosecond?Actually, I want to
get charge of signals, so I divided the result by 50ohm
(since the oscilloscope is DC coupling and 50ohm input impedance).
In the view of unit, I got it, volt*picosecond/ohm=amp*picosecond,
is just the unit of charge. But I still wondered my calculation is correct or
not? If it's not correct, how can I get the output signal's charge via our
Agilent 90804A?

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,