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Max number of points when reading out raw data from MSO6034A

Question asked by tump_c on Aug 24, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2007 by dnt
I am a new user of the Agilent 6000 series scopes. I want to read out the raw measurement data stored in the MSO6034A.
When setting WAVeform:POINts:MODE to NORMAL, I can read out max. 1000 points, that works fine.

If I want to read out more data points,, I have to set WAVeform:POINts:MODE to RAW. But I can read out only 20, sometimes 100 or 200 points, not more, regardless of my setting in WAVeform:POINts. The influence if it are 20 or 100 points seem random to me.

I checked already all "blocking points" mentioned in the programming manual (p.451):
- instrument is stopped (run/stop button is red), STOP command send..
- Timebase:Mode is main
- Acq:Type is Normal

WAV:POIN? MAX  reports +1000

I have signals sampled with all 4 channels. I have the 8M memory option installed an would like to use it..

Anyone knows the reason for this ?