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FPGA dynamic probe

Question asked by Ghazal on Jul 13, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2008 by Ghazal

  Does MSO8104A Oscilloscope comes with the FPGA dynamic probe option?
(site showed it for US$0 price in MSO options whereas this application in not available in the MSO8104A I purchased). I should be able to install the application and use it without trial license if I provide the product number or ID. Can AGILENT help me in this.
Moreover, the trial license link ("Trial License for N5406A-TRL, SERIES 6000 FPGA DYNAMIC PROBE APPLICATION" ) gives the error (even if all fields are filled)  "There was an error, and the NEXT button wasn't appropriate" 
I have posted this issue to Support Services of Agilent too, but yet no response !