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PNA-X, Internal Trig, Single + *OPC?

Question asked by antennas4space on Apr 16, 2010
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2010 by antennas4space
I'm having trouble trying to reliably perform a single sweep + *OPC? confirmation using internal triggering.

It works fine with manual triggering and INIT for a single trigger, but I would rather use internal triggering due to other issues.

To not complicate the issue with any of my code, I read from the Help that I can issue simply:


and then request a sweep on demand as:

and read the "+1" reply.

To simplify the case, I have even used the GPIB console on the PNA-X.
The first sweep works, but the second and future ones always hang (no reply).
Do I need to send something else after reading the +1, before I issue another sweep request?

I get out of this hang when debugging by selecting the Stimulus/Trigger/Restart menu option, after which it does the sweep and then returns the +1.

I saw on the forum that another person gave up with this, and was checking a status byte or similar to detect a completed sweep, but I'd like to use the *OPC? command for backwards compatibility if possible.

PNA-X N5245A, firmware A.09.10.05.
Initialized with SYST:PRES

Let me know, and thanks!