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8757D screen capture

Question asked by jackzhu on Jul 1, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2017 by ColinH
Hi, we have 8757D and plan to use 82357B and Agilent IO Libraries Suite to record screen capture, I found the following instruction from the forum. By following the instruction, we are able to build the talk between computer and 8757D. We try to use same way we did for 8753ES, we open the excel file to use the add-in program from Agilent IO libraries, then it is not work. can you instruct me where I should begin to look. Thanks again for the helps.

"The 82357B can be used with the 8757D for programming. The Agilent Connection Expert (part of the Agilent IO Libraries Suite) will not find the 8757D as it uses the standard SCPI command "*IDN?" to request the instruments identification string, where the 8757 pneumonic is "OI". I would recommend turning off the "Auto Discover Instrument Connected to this Interface" in the Connection Expert under the properties for the 82357B. The libraries will find an instrument at the address of the 8757, but it will not ID it. You can then open a test panel (Send Commands to the instrument) and send the "OI" pneumonic and then read the response"