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How to add Agilent.TMFramework into C-program?

Question asked by OnlyOne on Oct 29, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2008 by daras
i have little problem to insert the Agilent.TMFramework-Assemblies into my C#-program.

Here ist what i have:
- Windows-XP SP3
- Microsoft Visual C'2008 Express
- Agilent IO LIbraries Suite 15

Then i downloaded an example program from Agilent-Homepage which works fine.
Its located on this page: and there the second download-link.

I can run this program without problems which means that all assemblies are available.
When i look in the code then the program is using two Agilent-Assemblies called:
using Agilent.TMFramework;
using Agilent.TMFramework.InstrumentIO;

Now i wanted to create my own dll-program and now comes the problem:
How can i reference to the two Agilent-Assemblies?

Normally i rightclick on References and select Add Reference, but Agilent.TM....... is not in the list.
When i then look in the project where it works i see that the assemblies are located in c:\Windows\assemblies.
When i then do a manually add of the file in this directory then i can see the assembly but i cant select and add it to the list.

So my big and only question is:
How do i add the two assemblies into my C#-program?

Thanks for any help