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Low level GPIB errors using cXL 8510 cmd translator on PNA-X

Question asked by jkneale on Oct 8, 2008
Is anybody else experiencing randomly dropped commands when using the cXL command translator on a PNA-X?

cXL intercepts 8510 commands and translates them for the PNA.  I have been seeing about 10% of the commands get ignored.  I can see them on a NI-Spy trace as coming out of the PC, but the cXL command log never gets them and an error is reported.  Sometimes the code runs fine, and sometimes we get all these errors.  Using the LSWITCHON command to let cXL pass through native PNA commands doesn't help.  Rebooting without cXL and using the equivalent SCPI PNA commands works fine, which tells me that cXL is the culprit.

We are talking to it with a PC running WinXP with:
  Labwindows CVI version 8.1.1
  National Instruments PCI GPIB board
  NI488.2 version 2.42

The PNA-X is model N5242A serno MY47420354 with:
  Network Analyzer Application code ver A.08.20.4
  PNA GPIB cXL Version A.01.30.3
  Option 200

The unit is the only thing on the bus, and is connected with a single 10833A GPIB cable.  We have been getting support from our friends at Agilent, but they can't fix it if they can't duplicate it.  I was wondering if this problem was widespread or isolated to my setup.