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FTP 4294A problems

Question asked by TonyGraham on Mar 26, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2009 by TonyGraham

I'm trying to use FTP to get files from a 4294A analyzer to a Windows PC. I can successfully use ftp from my XP command shell prompt. This demonstrates that the lan connection and login details are ok. However, I cannot get either Hummingbird FTP or FileZilla to work. Both of these popular Windows apps appear to be sending incorrect commands to the 4294A (e.g. 'PASV' which is unsupported by the 4294A or 'LIST -al' where the al switches are unsupported). I think it might be just a matter of using the correct client s/w settings but I cannot work out what they are.

Does anyone know either: the correct settings for these two typical Windows FTP applications, or, a different Windows FTP program that automatically identifies the correct commands to use with the 4294A?

Thanks, Tony