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Problem with BINBLOCK

Question asked by RobertLefevre on Sep 3, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2010 by odanzy
We are currently saving a certain file type as a BINBLOCK in VEE.
It is read out by writing a real32 BINBLOCK directly out to a text file.

My problem is that I need to parse this data in C# to an array. I need to know how the BINBLOCK file is constructed.

From what I gather, the first digit is an ascii "#" and the second digit is an ascii number (x) which is to read the next x ascii digits which correspond to a number in some format that I do not know, either what it represents or what format (int32...etc...).

The files are then read in by reading each 4 bytes ( corresponding to a float, since it is a real32 format) and converting them to a float.

Could anybody shed some light as to what is going on with the BINBLOCK format? Any information above and beyond what the VEE help file says will be appreciated.