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Porting Rohde & Schwarz VNA to PNA-X

Question asked by miyamky on Aug 5, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2009 by miyamky
I'm porting LabView code that can display traces of a VNA to a PC.  The existing code talked (using SCPI over VISA) to a Rohde & Schwarz VNA.  I'm converting it to work w/ the PNA-X.

The following is a small snipet of what was sent to the R&S VNA that I need to port.  The idea of this section is to read the VNA to receive all trace values for a specific channel.


The first command translates directly to FORM:DATA REAL,32.  1) I'm not sure what the preceding colons are for (but they have no effect if they're there or not)? 2) The next two commands I can't figure out what it's trying to do or how to do it on the PNA-X (but I just did not execute them).

Now this last command on the R&S VNA returned a lengthy string.  It was formatted w/ a pound sign (#), a single ASCII digit (I believe this digit specified how many digits were to follow), and then that many ASCII digits followed by what I believe are the trace values in binary floating point.  I think the 2nd set of ASCII digits specified how many values were to follow.

I tried just doing a CALC1:FUNC:DATA? but that only returned a single point so that can't be it. 3) Do you have any ideas?

I'm trying to locate a manual for the R&S SCPI command set but have yet to track one down.