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VEE program for HP4294A to control bias step in C/G v freq?

Question asked by Smeire on Jun 20, 2008

My first post so be kind please:-)

I'm running parallel capacitance and conductance v frequency (at set biases) measurements using the HP4294A. I do not use VEE programming for this. I measure a sweep of frequency between 50 Hz and 1 MHz over a large range of biases, say from -4 V to 1 V in steps of 0.1 V, so this would require 51 different measurements. Each of these takes about 15min. Multiple this by the number of devices, and by different measurement temperatures and you can see that the manual time input for saving the output files,  changing the bias, and restarting is excessive.

Setting up the measurement is fine without programming, but what I would like is a VEE program that can step the bias over a range and bias step size, so that once the 4294 is set up ready it can accept the bias information from VEE and start the measurements, changing the bias as required after each frequency sweep - of course, it must also save each sweep as an ascii output file.

If anyone has a program similar to this functionality maybe they would be kind enough to share it. I have a little VEE programming experience with voltage sweeps on the 4284, but limited and certainly not with frequency sweeps. Even if it needs modified that would be great!

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.


No replies as yet so let me be more specific.

Is it possible just to use VEE to give the HP4294A a bias range and step size, to step through the bias range saving the output as an ascii file after each bias step, and use the hold/trigger to control the sequencing of saving data and bias change? Can this be done without VEE knowing anything more about what is being measured?