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read Network Analyzer Trace data by visa32.bas in VB6

Question asked by LeoLee on Jan 19, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2009 by odanzy
Hi All experts,
I need a help about how to correct read NA Trace data by Visa32.bas in VB6.
The example I wrote in VB6 is as below but failed:
  Errd=Visa32.viVScanf(Vi,"%c",Header) ' #
  Errd=Visa32.viVScanf(Vi,"%c",Header) '6
  Errd=Visa32.viVScanf(Vi,"%6c",Header6) ,maybe 003208 if I read smith chart with 401 points.
  DataFmt="%" & val(Header6) & "c"
'If I use below methd to read the data, VB6 will be closed (Big Bug happen)
  Errd=Visa32.viVScanf(Vi,DataFmt,Data(0)) 'Before that Data() is redim as single
'If I use below method to read the dataStr (defined as string * 13832), the dataStr can't be converted to data() ( as single)
  Errd=Visa32.viVScanf(Vi,DataFmt,DataStr) 'the DataStr is defined as String *13832 or others

Pleas give me a help if someone knows what happen?