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controlling port power using SCPI commands

Question asked by stinger on Aug 11, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2008 by stinger
I have searched through the PNA Help site and googled these forums, but haven't found the answer I was looking for. This is the email I sent to general help:

I am creating a program to automate our PNA calibration process, but ran into some trouble when trying to find SCPI commands to adjust the port power.

If I were to do it manually, I would:

press the “Power” button,
select “Power and Attenuators”,
check the box labeled “Port Powers Coupled”,
Set ports 1 & 3 to -15 dBm and turn state to ON,
Set all other ports to off,
make sure that “Power on (all channels) is selected”

how could I go about doing this using SCPI commands? I’ve searched the online help and saw that it gives many programming examples, but I couldn’t find one for setting up the power to the ports.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.