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Trigger failed (260) for 220 to 325 GHz mm module

Question asked by aytang on Sep 13, 2010
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I am working on some matlab codes to automatic some measurements.  Everything works fine when I tested the codes in the standard PNA mode ( up to 67 GHz ).  However, an error occurs when I run the codes in the 220 to 325 GHz millimeter module with external RF and LO sources configuration.  The error seems to caused by the changing of the trigger source from internal to manual (usng INIT1:IMM command).
% abort current sweep and issue a trigger-event and listen for OPC
cmdstr = sprintf('ABOR;INIT%d:IMM;*OPC', channel);
fprintf(g_vna, cmdstr);

However, if the commands are executed back-to-back, there's no error for the subsequence command execution. Are the failure messages reported if the similar error occurs more than one time?  What's the best way to trigger measurement and get data for 220 to 325GHz module?
The SCPI monitor shows the bus activities as :
00113 < +1$
00114 > *CLS;*WAI<END>
00115 > *SRE 32<END>
00116 > *ESE 1<END>
00118 ?               ^     
00119 ? 260, Trigger failed.
00121 > ABOR;INIT1:IMM;*OPC<END>