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PNA-X Labview Driver

Question asked by aus10 on Sep 9, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2010 by alabview
I'm having some problems with the Labview 8.5 Driver (11/2009) that I downloaded from the following page:

When I tried to open the vi tree "PNA-X VI", I am met with a bunch of errors on several subvi's.

Most of the errors have to do with unwired or incorrectly wired inputs into functions.  I am running Labview 2009, which should be backward compatible with this code.  I have not been able to test with Labview 8.5 as we don't currently have any machines with 8.5 on them.  However, I do not see why opening a 8.5 driver in Labview 2009 would blow away subvi connectors or wire things incorrectly.


Just wondering if I am the only person experiencing this issue.  I would think that someone would have stumbled upon these errors since the driver has been out for almost a year.  Can someone please verify whether the Labview driver posted on the Agilent site actually works without user modification?

Also, I noticed some redundancy in the way that the zip file sets up the overall driver directory structure upon extracting the file. The directory structure that holds all the various folders named "Directory Structure" exists in itself.  So you in fact have two copies of your driver in your zip package.