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82351A PCIe-GPIB card without Agilent IO Libs?

Question asked by Wernherr on Aug 27, 2010
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I have an automation environment consisting of several Agilent instruments (e.g. 34980A, 53131A, E3646A,...) and some non-Agilent instruments from NI and R&S communicating via GPIB.
For the non-Agilent instruments I have to use the NI-VISA because it seems the communication does not work properly with the AgVISA.
So I am setting up a fresh computer with XP Prof and NI-VISA and want to make it work with my Agilent 82351A PCIe card. So I DONT want to install the Agilent IO Library because of possible conflicts with the NI-VISA. On the Agilent site there is a driver which is ony ~8MB in sze. But there is also an installation note:
Before installing the driver, please ensure your PC meets the minimum system requirements with Microsoft® Windows® 2000/XP Professional and latest version of Agilent IO Libraries Suite 14.2 installed.
That is just what I do not want to do.

Does someone know how to get the GPIB card work WITHOUT the full installation of the Agilent IO Library?

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