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using C_Load state file in E5071b (ENA) & switch 3499

Question asked by JosephChoi on Aug 15, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2010 by odanzy

I just have simple question about network analyzer.
just using software and i do ena test.
usually when i load state file from ENA.i was visual basic user,
so previously i do like this,.     

Equipment.SICL4.ENA.OutputSiclLan(VNA_ID, "MMEM:LOAD ""STATE07.STA""")
above command successfully load state file.

but now i using C# language.
so i just check manual and trying to do many way but still can not load state file.

myNa01.WriteString(":MMEM:LOAD:STAT "+"STATE07.STA" , true);
this above line can't load state file.

and one more thing about switch control..
i use agilent 3499 switch.

previously visual basic ,, i just easy to control..

using below function....

Public Function switch_control(switch As String, Switch_slot As String)

       Call Send_To_Equipment(Switch_ID, switch & " (@" & Switch_slot & ")")
End Function

and then i can control anywhere like this below.


but from now, i using C#
i just try many ways but still can not control.

these below command are not working ..

        mySw01.WriteString("OPEN(@101)", true);
        mySw01.WriteString("OPEN 201", true);
       mySw01.WriteString("OPEN 202", true);
        mySw01.WriteString("OPEN 102", true);
  mySw01.WriteString("OPEN+"102"", true);

please advice about this issue.