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PNA-L frequency offset

Question asked by jrverbiest on May 1, 2010
Latest reply on May 1, 2010 by Dr_joel

I have a question about programming a PNA-L with option 146 and 080.
Option 146 you get access to a second internal source.
Option 080 it is possible to do and frequency offset.

My questions:
Assume I set
- source 1 at frequency fo
Signal from source 1:
s1(t)=A1o sin(omega_1 t + phi_1o)

- source 2 at frequency 1.5fo
Signal from source 2:
s2(t)=A2o sin(omega_2 t + phi_2o)

omega_2 = omega_1 * delta1 -> frequency offset delta1=1.5

A2 = A2o*delta2 -> I sweep the amplitude

Can I also change phi_2
phi_2 = phi_2o*delta3 -> I sweep the phase from -180° to +180°

If so what are the programming instructions.
I use C++ and scilab.