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software not working on backup PNAX

Question asked by myonezaki on May 19, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2011 by myonezaki
using visual basic and DCOM created a program to communicate with a PNAX, the PNAX was sent back to agilent for repairs and was replaced with another PNAX (only difference was its a 50GHz model), ran the same code (which ran error free on the original pna) on the replacement PNAX and have several errors.  one of the error is indicating a problem with IChannel21 which is not part of the list of IChannels, the list stops at IChannel20.  i ran the pnax-proxy on the controlling computer, re-booted and ran the program again with no luck.  the pnax has the newest firmware and have errors related to channel(IChannel), pulsegenerator, and naWindows (and possibly more).  is there something else or an executable that needs to run to update the library or Agilent.application file.  many thanks