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Get s-parameter from HP8510B using ADS instrument server

Question asked by caozhou on Nov 17, 2009
I used Agilent ADS instrument server to get s-parameter data from HP8510B network analyzer with 82357A USB/GPIB interface. But i can't get the data now. i have reinstalled the system and the ADS, but it still can't work.  the error note from ADS is:
"ERROR:Analyzer Family could not be determined from ID=HP8510R>05>00:OTUS005<019880
Symbolic Name gpib0 successful with driver PC_hpib
Loading Command File  nwaCmds
idData= HP8510R>05>00:0TUS005<019880
Network Analyzer ID =  HP8510R>05>00:0TUS005<019880  at address =  16"
Does anyone know how to fix the problem? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.