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Keep getting invalid data block message E5071C ENA.

Question asked by Jemj on Sep 8, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2008 by Jemj
I am desperately in need of help as my limited programming experience has not managed to find the answer.

I have managed to read the cal settings and status to a file on the ENA, copy and transfer this via GPIB using a python script to the PC hard drive. (the data has been written into a file in binary mode, I was caught out by the ASCII default file write at first!)

I now need to transfer this data back to the ENA via GPIB again using a python script and keep getting a 'invalid data block error'.

I have read the data from the PC file, in binary mode, stored it in an array of 8 bit unsigned integers.

Set up the data transfer header part of the MMEM:TRAN command to reflect the data block length.

Then attached the array in a string format to create the whole header/data block.

I would really appreciate any ideas as to why this is not working, as I said in may be that I'm just doing something that is plain wrong!