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Error detection in Excel - on E5071B over lan

Question asked by CobAF on Oct 21, 2009
I have written a test routine in Excel that connects to an E5071B Network Analyser over the LAN using a telnet connection (I think! I've basically just copied the way it's done in the 'crtl_lan.xls' sample code!). The macro is used to perform a 4-port ECal using an N4431A. However, as there are additional cables involved in the test setup it is easy to make a mistake and connect up a cable to the ECal that is not switched on the RF path to the network analyser. So, I would like the macro to spot if the analyser reports an "ECal not on RF path" error and prompt the user to check the connections.

Reading from the programming manual, I believe that I will need to set the NWA to generate an SRQ when an error is generated, and then read the error from the error queue. However, I am uncertain what commands to use to do so, and how I can get Excel to interupt the ECal measurement.

Any advice would be much  appreciated!