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Can PC connect N5230A directly with LAN?

Question asked by BobWang on Aug 22, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2008 by odanzy
Recently I attend a meeting held by Agilent. In the meeting, the sponsor shows that we can connect MSO with PC in Matlab platform. I want to know if we can connect PC and N5230A directly by LAN (without GPIB) in Matlab platform and transfer commands.

If we can, can you tell me how to connect them? I try the "tmtool" command in matlab. In Matlab "Test & Measurement Tool" envirenment, I use TCPIP protocol to connect N5230A. The command can only connect the N5230A but can not transfer any command(for example: *IDN? etc). Once I use "query" command, Matlab will tell me "An error occured while communicating with the Instrument". And if I use fprintf(ID,'*idn?'), Matlab can not receive any data from instrument.

Can you tell me why and how to solve this problem?Thanks!