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How do I know when the N5242A has finished saving s16p data?

Question asked by diego2000 on Jan 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2011 by daras
Hello Again:

Programmatically, how do I know when N5242A PNA has finished saving s16p data?

>  I'm using -----> CALCulate%d:DATA:SNP:PORTs:SAVE %s,%s

>  When I save from the front panel, it takes about 5 minutes to save the data.
    ( Is this normal? 5 minutes?)

>  Programmatically also takes 5 minutes to save data ok...

>  Now, programmatically do I just wait 5 minutes or maybe there
    is a command to read a register or something
    that will let the program know when it's finished saving data?

>  By the way, The PNA is frozen while saving data,

thank you very much for your help...