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8720 Screencapture Over GPIB

Question asked by rock on Oct 6, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 12, 2009 by tsilchia001
Hello, I am working on a Labview program to take a screen capture of an 8720 network analyzer, but am unsure of how to do this.  The programmer's guide lists a SAVEJPEG command which is seems like it would be pretty much what I'm looking for, although this appears to just save it to a floppy in the instrument itself; I want to dump it into a JPG on the PC running the Labview program.  Is there another command for this?

Edit: I tried grabbing the Intuilink application in the hopes of using the NI-Spy utility to find a command, but I was unable to get it to pick up the analyzer.  (I would just use this application, but my Labview program will be doing some other things as well.)