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How to programm 3x 34901a in 4point mode?

Question asked by hoernchen on Jan 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2008 by odanzy
Hi everybody,
I'am a new user of Vee Pro.
My Problem is to configure 334901a muxer in a 34970a unit, with a external
I have to meassure 25 resistors in 4 point mode.
If I use only one 34901 Modul everything is ok.
If I use all 3 modules the Meassuerementvalues go wrong,
I think only the modul that is actually in scan is switched to 4point mode.
How cann I programm all units to 4point mode,
the line "rout:chan:fwir on,(@101:310)" don't work!

best regards