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"Execution error" - using PNA E8363B with VEE

Question asked by rajeshelex on Feb 6, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2010 by rajeshelex

I am using a VNA for the first time. I am using Agilent Vee to connect to the VNA through a Agilent USB-GPIB converter.

Please find the snapshot of my small program enclosed. When i run it, I get a message saying "execution error" on the VNA screen which (i.e. the error message) goes off after a few seconds, but the graphs on the Vee script are getting updated as is the data file i am using to read the data from VNA.

My question is why do i get this error? Am i missing something here?

Before I run my script for the first time, I delete all the windows and traces.

As you can see in the script, I am trying to read the amplitude from the first channel and Phase from the second.

Another question is, Am i getting the amplitude & phase data at the same time, or are they displaced (in time) by a few (say micro - mili seconds)?

Is my method of reading Both Amp & phase data correct?

I read in the forum to use SDATA instead of FDATA for complex data. If I read the FDATA, do i need to apply some corrections on this data? As per the data flow diagram given in the help file of PNA, FDATA was the data just before the display. So, i chose to read this data assuming this is  what will be displayed on the screen.

Sorry if my questions are trivial, but as i mentioned earlier, this is the first time I am using a VNA.

Thanks for your patience.