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Upload data to PNA 5230A - GPIB

Question asked by jbrice on Dec 21, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2007 by Dr_joel
I wanted to get a feel for something I have to do, so I have a couple questions

1] I know that the command:
                   "fprintf(VNA, 'calculate1:data fdata')"
will push data into the PNA but, my question is where is the data read from or how do you specify the path and filename  to be read ?

2] How is the data passed to the PNA ?  Is is read line by line or can an entire variable be passed to the PNA, for example: Can I pass the entire S11 data (with freq, Num of POints, etc) and then just repeat this for the other S parameter variable that I have in my Matlab file?

3] Does uploading this data effect the calibration/correction in any way ?

Im just starting to write this code but I am trying to forsee any set backs