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IntuiLink Unable To Communicate w/ E5061

Question asked by dieciduej on Feb 2, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2010 by tsilchia001
I am having a problem with communicating with our E5061A Network Analyzer using IntuiLink.  When IntuiLink searches the GPIB bus the only item it find is GPIB0::21::INSTR, an address that does not exist.  The search does not find any of the test equipment we have.  Using Agilent’s IO Control, versions 15.1.12008.0 and 15.5.13009.1, shows all the test equipment and I can communicate with the equipment.  So the problem seems to be when any of our IntuiLink packages scan the bus I get just GPIB0::21::INSTR and I am unable to communicate with the respective equipment.

Windows XP SP 3
Agilent IO Control 15.1.12008.0 and 15.5.13009.1

Has anyone run into this problem or know of a fix?  Thanks for any help.