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IVI-COM C Driver caching connection error?

Question asked by ErichKeane on Jan 26, 2010
Hi All-
We have a logging tool we use to grab values from a 34980A analyzer.  It is designed to reconnect on error.

However, last night we had a device break for a few hours (trying to reconnect every 2 minutes).  When the device came back up, it still wouldn't connect!
The error message was:
Error Message -
Agilent34980A: Unknown resource.
Source of Exception -
at Agilent.Agilent34980A.Interop.Agilent34980AClass.Initialize(String ResourceName, Boolean IdQuery, Boolean Reset, String OptionString)

I have a feeling that the Driver was caching the error in some manner, because every connection attempted to use a new Agilent34980AClass object.  Is there a way to clear these errors without causing a problem?  I noticed in DriverOperation two functions, a ClearInterchangeWarnings and a ResetInterchangeCheck.  Are either of these something that'll clear this cache I suspect?