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network scalar 8757D with 83752B sweeper

Question asked by faelnpaiva on Feb 5, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2009 by faelnpaiva

     Well, im using PT19 to pass command to the sweeper (address 19) , and i set the sweeper to respond to SCPI commands ... till here its ok .. i can set all that i want using SCPI commands in sweeper ... the problem is return to analyser with the parameters set in sweeper .. i didnt find any command that work ...
When i set the sweeper to respond to 8757 language , i set almost all that i want , the problem is that i didnt get to set the span with this commands , i didnt find a command that works too and didnt find a command that return to me the amplitude of marks ..
I was trying to set to SCPI language , set all that i want , and set after this , to 8757 language , to use the command PT17 , to return to analyser,and then use the command SW1 to refresh the network with the set parameters,, but didnt work too ....when i set to 8757 lang ,after to SCPI lang , it works , but i cant return to 8757 lang after this ...and when i set to SCPI lang first , i cant change to 8757 lang... If someone could help me , please !

Thx =)