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slow data reading from pna

Question asked by swer on Jan 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 26, 2010 by Dr_joel
Hello all;

Before entering this topic I had a little look around the forum about my question but  I haven't found anything good,and decided to submit my question..
Here it is,
I have been working on this for two day right now bu didn't help so much about data acquisition speed from N5230A pna.

I simple initialize the NA for its sweep points, start stop frequencies,trigger settings etc.
and  use this setting to get the whole points per trigger "SENS1:SWE:TRIG:POIN OFF\n"

This is the loop for getting the sweep data.

              //Set Data Return Format
             vi.WriteString(":FORM:BORD NORM; :FORM:DATA REAL,32", true);
             while (true)
start = DateAndTime.Now;
              //Read data
             vi.WriteString(":CALC1:DATA? SDATA", true);
             data = (float[])vi.ReadIEEEBlock(IEEEBinaryType.BinaryType_R4, true, true);
stop = DateAndTime.Now;
             TimeSpan ts1 = stop.Subtract(start);
             msec = ts1.Milliseconds;
             Console.WriteLine((msec) + " msec");     

As you can see i put some timespan code to find out how much time spends waiting to get whole sweep data from pna.
msec value shows that data reading is around 15-30msec for each sweep.(101 points)

is there any way to get this step a little faster ???
[I use visa32 com lib. and VC# for programming]

Thanks for your help...