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E5071C: Reading and writing calibration data

Question asked by holyfetzer on Jul 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2011 by cav1783
I am currently working wiht a E5071C NWA and try to set up this configuration:
I have a 16-multiport test set connected with which I wand to do some 2-port measurements with this configuration.
I want to be able to create calibration data for each port and save it externally (maybe in a text file).
Then I want to have the ability to use this data which means if I work with port 2 and port 13 i want to load the corresponding calibration data before I begin to measure.
I am using an ECAL N4431 module to do the calibration process itself.
What I have achieved until now:
Via SCPI I send the command like this


What I did not found out until now how I am now able to extract my calibration data and reuse it when needed.

Thx in advance for help!