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GPIB Stops working after one month?

Question asked by brandon.irwin on Jul 20, 2009
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2009 by hognala

I'm using an Agilent GPIB visa drivers. After about one month of up-time on any of the computers in our lab, the GPIB stops working. Communication fails (and locks up) our test program and your Agilent IO Control utility. This happens if we're running our test software or not. For example, we had two machines that had a restart at about the same time next to one another. Today, with an up-time of about 26 days, the GPIB stopped working on both. One was sitting there with nothing other than Acrobat running, the other was running an instance of one of our control programs. The GPIB failed on both. This happens once a month for all of the systems once the up-time reaches around 30 days.

Has anyone else noticed this?