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E5071C thru calibration with agilent driver

Question asked by eulerthegrape on Dec 5, 2008
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2008 by eulerthegrape
First, I noticed in earlier thread an application engineer recommended not using the the AgNA driver and I thought this was curious because it made it very easy to set up.  What are the trade-off between pure SCPI and the AgNA driver.  I am not really familiar with SCPI but perhaps now's as good a time as any... 
Some details, I am programming in C# using Visual Studio 2005 and National Instruments' Measurement Studio v 8.6 
My question may point our a short coming of the driver or, I may be overlooking something.  I am attempting to perform a thru calibration and sequentially an s21 measurement.  I have encountered a couple problems. 
1.  it does not seem possible to perform a thru-cal with the available methods in the AgilentNA driver.  Is this correct?  Does this mean I have to issue SCPI commands with VISA (or similar)? 
2.  I issue the following code: 
AgilentNA _driver = new AgilentNA(); 
IAgilentNAChannel _ch1; 
IAgilentNAMeasurement _ch1Measurement; 
_driver.Initialize(_resourceName, false, true, "simulate=false"); 
_ch1 = _driver.Channels.get_Item("Channel1");
_ch1Measurement = _ch1.Measurements.get_Item("Measurement1"); 
_ch1Measurement.Create(4, 1); 
_ch1.SweepType = AgilentNASweepTypeEnum.AgilentNASweepTypeLogFrequency; 
_ch1.TriggerMode = AgilentNATriggerModeEnum.AgilentNATriggerModeHold; 
_ch1Measurement.Format = AgilentNAMeasurementFormatEnum.AgilentNAMeasurementLogMag; 
When I attempt to trigger sweep the E5071C ignores this command.  I am not sure how else to ask the instrument to perform a single sweep. 
With the last network analyzer I programmed, the 4395A, it was as easy as issuing "SING" and polling for completion.  Is there a similar command?