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VEE and 34970A Datta Aquisitiuon /Switch Unit

Question asked by DelMar on Jun 26, 2009
Hello everyone,

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I am pretty new and unfamiliar with this software and setup, but I was commissioned by my company to be the person in charge of this machine for the summer.

We have a 34970A Switch Unit with a 40 channel single ended multiplexer (we have two of them actually) and two 20 channel multiplexers. We currently have a .VXE program that we run that will allow users to press a button and it will start a test for a user specified amount of time, and take resistance measurements at specified intervals for up to 30 channels.

My company wants to double the amount of channels possible to 60 and I cannot figure out how to modify the program to allow this.

here is the VXW file ... 1.vxe.html

and the corresponding VEE file ... 3.vee.html

any help would be greatly greatly appreciated.