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"Fragmented", step-by-step Receiver Cal?

Question asked by htnicolas on Aug 15, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by daras

I just read the help for performing a Receiver Cal.
I would like to perform a "fragmented" 2-port SOLT Receiver Calibration:

my goal is to perform the Short cal over a range of freq and save them,
then the Open cal over the same range of freq and save them,
then the Load, then the Through...
And in the end, reconstruct all these calibration files.

So I am basically  looking for a step-by-step 2-port SOLT for Unratioed measurement command.

The example in the help file uses, for a receiver cal:
SENSe:CORRection:COLLect:ACQuire POWer"
these commands have no arguments to select between 2port SOLT, 1port SOLT, TRL, Receiver Power, Response.

Can anybody help me?