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E5100 - Saving instrumentation states for a specific channel

Question asked by dcumbie on Nov 29, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2010 by RayH
I'm writing software that uses an E5100 network analyzer with 2 measurement channels.  At initialization I perform calibration for each channel and then save the instrumentation state and calibration coefficients using the SAVDSTA command. 

My question is:  When I set the active channel using CHAN, and then call SAVDSTA after calibrating a channel, does this save a unique file for each channel's state? I want to know if I can save unique channel calibrations and then load them later.
For example, if I set the active channel to Channel 1, perform calibration, and then save by sending, SAVDSTA "CAL".  Then set the active channel to Channel 2, perform calibration, then save with SAVDSTA "CAL".  If I now set the active channel to Channel 1, and load with RECD "CAL.STA" will I load the saved Channel 1 calibration state?