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Regarding pna calibration

Question asked by rasuenator on Nov 23, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2011 by Dr_joel
Hi sir
   wat is the relation between sweeping time and dwell time why it is varying before calibration and after calibration using
e - calibration kit...
  wat is relation between IF bandwidth and sweeping time ... after calibration if i click IF bandwidth menu dwell time increases with some offset time... i am not changing IF banwidth , but dwell time increses each time when i click IF bandwidth menu plaese clarify my doubts...
some of our measurements i added here please clarify to me

Before calibration , IF band width of 5Khz

  1.we have fixed dwell time -250 us   for 128 points(stepped frequencies) when i calculated by manually it is coming 32ms sweeping time but in pnah632b shows 77.32ms.

after calibration , IF band width of 5Khz
dwell time  - 509us
and sweeping time - 110.54 ms