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Full 2-port calibration with HP 8753E Network Analyzer

Question asked by Serenaprs on Jun 16, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2011 by Serenaprs
I'm doing field measurement on a C band accelerating TW structure using HP 8753E HP Network Analyzer, with a bead pull method, acquiring data with a specific VI Labview. For my measurement a need to do a TRL calibration, that is a 2-port calibration, but I have a problem with that: when I try to launch a mesurement with the network analyzer, it execute a first sweep, doing the S11 measurement, and than it execute a second sweep where it does nothing! When I use a simple 1-port calibration I don't have problem regarding acquiring data with my Labview VI, but using the 2-port I have this second sweep that it's useless and make my VI asynchronous with my HP instrument; it this way I can't acquire data from the measurement with the VI.
I know that, in theory, is it possible to set the HP instrument in order to eliminate the second useless sweep, but I don't know how to do!
I hope that someone could help me, thank you in advance!