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85050C APC-7 calibration

Question asked by cyn on Oct 10, 2011

There are two offset shorts in the 85050C APC-7 cal kit: one with a collet style and the other with threaded center conductor style. Apart from the different styles in centre pin, is there anything different in their electrical characteristics? It appears that there is only one standard definitions for the short, so can I assume I can use either one in the calibration and it would not make a difference?

Normally during a TRL calibration using this kit one needs to connect the TRL adapter supplied with the air line. If I were to do an Unknown Thru calibration with APC-7 on PNA port 1 and Type-N on port 2, when prompted to connect the air line between port 1 and the broadband load, do I still need to use the TRL adapter? i.e., the connection will be like: Port 1 + air line + TRL adapter + broadband load?