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Cal Coefficients, Arrays, Registers, the gang of 12 on 8753

Question asked by mramsdale on Jul 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2010 by Dr_joel

New NA user, experiennced programmer.

My question is what is the mapping of the 12 cal registers? 

When I do a one port reflection error test (S11) (Open,Short,Load) on port 1 are the three registers (1,2,3) the Directivity, Source Match, and Reflection tracking arrays? (Chpt 11 error term descriptions, also Chpt 3, GPIB programming, 3-19).  Same for port 2 (S22), that is registers 7,8,9?

Sort of a follow up on this question.  In the Users Guide, the S11 is said to correct Directivity, Source Match, and Frequency Response.   (6-11)   Can I infer correctly that Reflection Tracking is the same as Frequency Response, and thus array 3 (or 9).  Is this correction term sometimes referred to as Path Tracking?

thanks for responses, This would help a lot.