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8-term error correction matrix

Question asked by JrV on Jul 5, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2010 by Dr_joel

Assume we have an 8-term error correction matrix, given for each frequency.
Can I implement this directly on the PNA-L (N5230C)?

What we like to solve is the following equation:
-   -     -                           -     -          -
|a1|    | alpha1  beta1  0 0|    |a1_raw|
|b1|  =| gamma1 delta1 0 0|   |b1_raw|
|a2|    |0 0 alpha2 beta2 |       |a2_raw|
|b2|    |0 0 gamma 2 delta2|   |b2_raw|
-    -      -                           -     -          -

_raw is what we measure at each frequency (raw value = uncalibrated)

The matrix:
| alpha1  beta1  0 0|
| gamma1 delta1 0 0|
|0 0 alpha2 beta2 |    
|0 0 gamma 2 delta2|

is known at each frequency, determinate by a classic SOLT, at the moment saved in a large data file.
[we can not use the SOLT of the instrument because we have reconfigured the PNA-L + use external couplers]
We also implement a power cal.

Can we program the PNA-L in such a way that the above equation can be solved directly on the PNA-L,
so that we see that calibrated values (a1, b1, a2, b2) or better said S11, S12, S22, S21, mag(b2), mag(a1), ... directly on the screen of the PNA-L.
In other words read the data file that contains the error correction terms for each frequency and directly apply this to do raw measured values so that we see the corrected values in real-time.

We do the programming in Visual C++ or Visual Basic.