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Problem with 1-Port-calibration 2.4GHz

Question asked by JoergZi on Jun 23, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2010 by daras

I´m having some problems with a 1-port-calibration with a PNA E8358A (300kHz-9GHz).
I want to measure S11 of a 2.4GHz-antenna (frequency range 2GHz-3GHz). I used to measure some 433MHz-antennas without problems.

I use a calibration kit (85032F), it´s a N-type calibration kit. When I finish the calibration wizzard, the measured-value ist right in the center of the smith-chart (with connected load-adapter). So far ok ..
But when I remove the load-adapter the measured-value jumps to a point in the lower-right-area. And when I connect the open-adapter, the measured-value is not at the right side on the horizontal axis.

In fact I still have to connect a piece of cable to connect to my board, but I didn´t come so far because I´m not sure, if the calibration with my cable and my cal-kit is useful/correct.

Do I make any mistake? Is the problem maybe my cable or the cal-kit (remember: it´s N-type based!??